Thursday, December 11, 2008

So last night me and my brother were watching tv and this ad came on:

About a week ago it was decided that we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas because of how we've been living since March. Actually I'll let you see just how we've been living:



It goes on. But anyway after we watched that ad and stopped laughing he said "Fuck it, we'll get a tree Friday!"
I still don't know how we're going to cook food or anything but I don't care now. At least we're trying..kinda.

The last few days have been busy-ish.
Iron Lung was fucking great and so was Municipal Waste. I got beer thrown in my face 3 times and Robb hit some fella with a fucking pither. I then stayed on after and got really fucked up with some English guys and girls and shredded til about 3am. I even mashed my best friends face into a wall that night. win.
Dirty Money was fantastic. They're 100% one of my favourite bands and they smacked it. And we didn't lose any money on the show. Good times. We went out and partied that night too with all ur English and Kiwi pals but I was real sick so headed home around 2.

I saw Verse 3 times this week. Last night the singer said some shit about being excited to be in Ireland because of it's rich culture and how we're people still full of a revolution(it was hard to hear him because of the sweet ambient shit going on behind him), then Jack informed me that he sat on his couch all day watching dvds............................................................................

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